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Academic Writing Help

Either your essay is a success or an absolute failure depends on the evidence you include in it. And how you do it. The article dwells on common pitfalls of using source materials, and how to avoid them…read more

Master in Writing

‘Studies can not be easy, you say and for the hundredth time throw away the peace of paper that was once destined to be your essay. You are great in your field, smart and industrious in everything that involves studies, but when it comes to writing, your mind suddenly goes blank and your final grade is lowered by your disability to express necessary information on the paper. Your failure in writing constantly brings you down and prevents you from trying to improve your results. It’s quite time to turn for some help and advice…read more

Critical essay: step by step guide

During the long and turbulent period of study you can be ascended with different writing assignments. Some of them intend to teach you to generalize, some of them destined to develop more specific, detailed approach to the existing problem. Some of them are assigned to train you to compare different things and objects; and there are several types of academic projects that teach you to evaluate critically the existing problems, trends and views of various personalities…read more

Several steps in the writing of college application essay

Whether you already study at the University or whether you intend to become a student in the nearest future, college application essay is undoubtedly one of the most important writing projects of your life. With the fierce competition and limited number of places the colleges and universities, it is becoming more and more difficult to get to the colleges or universities…read more

Several ways to improve your writing skills

During the years of your study you may be assigned with different and various tasks. These writing assignments may include one page essay on literature up to 50 pages dissertation on literature criticism…read more

Essay types:
  Personal statement essay
  Reflective essay
  College application essay
  Persuasion essay
  Critical essay
  Scholarship essay
  Compare/contrast essay
  Descriptive essay

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