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During the years of your study you may be assigned with different and various tasks These writing assignments may include one page essay on literature up to 50 pages dissertation on literature criticism The purposes of these writing assignments may also differ, some of them are destined to teach you how to describe some things, subjects or events; some of them may help you to improve your writing, communicative and composition skills, and there are several of academic projects that are completed in order to teach you to find similarities and differences between several things, objects and events

This type of writing assignment, is usually called compare and contrast essay. In the writing of compare and contrast essay it is imperative to choose some comparable qualities of different subjects, events and trends. One must not try to compare incomparable qualities, such as the taste of the apple and the color of the car. Rather one must choose two more or less similar objects and try to identify similarities and differences between them. First one must enlist all similarities or identical features between the objects of comparison. Second, one should focus on the differences between the objects in question. The third part of comparison and contrast essay must include the final conclusion, where your point of view as well as conclusion is clearly stated. In this section the most important section of the compare and contrast essay one should reveal what knowledge one has acquired during the writing and composing of comparison and contrast essay In which way in your opinion the differences between the subjects events and persons are significant.

Terms papers essays might differ both in terms of the scope of the essay as well as the content, yet nevertheless they have some several important features in common-they have strict and coherent logical structure. This is the most important part of every essay Unless you have strict structure of your essay you might be succumbed to repetitions of several already stated ideas and thoughts. For instance in the writing of compare and contrast essay you may be tempted to reiterate already mentioned points of comparison if you have not developed logical and coherent plan. In order to avoid it you should stick to well-designed and developed structure of the essays.

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